For 5 to 5.5 year olds

At this age, our children are already able to say their full name, address, age and birthday fluently!

The Waders level is where we introduce students to the concept of blending 3-letter words, starting with short vowel word families. Emergent readers are equipped with our catchy and effective “drag-and-stop” method of putting letter sounds together. This is also the level where we introduce High Frequency Words to students, along with simple in-house ‘Read Aloud’ passages for home reading practice. Our Waders students will receive weekly word-slider craftwork too – for active revision on the go! Once they master this level, they’re ready to tackle digraphs!

Segments in this programme include:

  • names and self-introduction
  • interactive storytelling
  • flashcards (recap)
  • introduction to short vowel-word families and the basic concept of blending
  • introduction to high frequency sight words
  • word booklets
  • word sliders
  • mini in-class assessments
  • fun literacy games and activities