Mission & Vision

EZY PZY ACADEMY is all about having FUN while learning!

We infuse elements of fun and joy into all our sessions because children learn best when they’re enjoying themselves.

Our Tagline

Learn to Read; Read to Learn

Reading is one of the most important life-skills that every child should master. Confidence in letters, words and ultimately reading (‘Learn to Read’) will pave the way for many more amazing learning opportunities in a child’s pursuit of knowledge (‘Read to Learn’).

Our Mission:

We believe that language competency and early literacy acquisition are the cornerstones of
future success in life.

At Ezy Pzy Academy, we aim to provide a solid platform for every child to achieve reading proficiency through a carefully crafted, comprehensive and structured curriculum, whilst ensuring that learning is always, always kept fun and interactive.

Our Vision:

To Build Competent, Confident Readers and Passionate Lifelong Learners

Our Approach:

“Ezy Pzy, lemon squeezy!”

Ezy Pzy Academy is huge on this catchphrase because we aim to instill and nurture this mindset in children from the very start; that reading can be easy.
What better way to do this than to start with our name itself?
Once this mindset is ingrained in a child, equipped with the literary toolset that we will provide them, children are mentally prepared to tackle any word thrown at them.

We recognise the importance of early literacy and the vital role that reading has in scaffolding a child’s learning process and widening horizons. Our highly interactive classes tap on the various learning styles of a child to stimulate their imagination and keep them engaged throughout the lesson.

From interactive storytelling sessions to confidence-building segments, catchy action jingles and themed crafts, dramatization and engagement, termly assessments and an effective in-house method of teaching sounds, blends and sound combinations… there is never a dull moment at Ezy Pzy Academy.

To put it simply – we go right down to the basics: bring out the FUN in reading and offer bite-sized techniques to make it “Ezy Pzy, lemon squeezy” for all!