About Us

About Us

Ezy Pzy Academy specializes in the mastery of the English Language through fun and engaging classes designed for children from 3 years old to 12 years old. 

We Are Your Favourite, English School.

Our flagship Phonics & Reading Programme has been meticulously crafted around a structured and systematic curriculum that adopts the Integrated Phonics Approach.

 We have 7 progressive levels in all. Our goal is to cement a solid foundation in letter sounds, blends, digraphs and diphthongs so that reading eventually becomes “Ezy Pzy, Lemon Squeezy!

Learn Happy

Classes are conducted with Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences in mind, so concepts are taught in a variety of delightful ways to celebrate diverse learning styles.

Learn Continuously

Moving forward, our English Booster Programme and Primary English Take-Off Programmes are course progressions that will groom our Ezy Pzy readers into efficient users of the English language.

Learn Successfully

We’ve seen tremendous success in turning hesitant non-readers into confident, fluent readers!

Learn Holistically

Experience our first-of-a-kind holistic curriculum that fuses solid character-building elements with linguistic competence – this way, your child not only develops the skillset to tackle grammar, sentence syntax and comprehension with confidence but is also shaped into refined thinkers, writers and presenters.

Our passionate and experienced teaching specialists are driven to help your child excel, so book an assessment with us now!

Meet Our Team


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Jon Hanafi

Curriculum Director

PHONICS & READING (2.5- to 7-year olds)

Learning how to read is both a process and a journey; one that can be playfully compared to another important life skill – learning how to swim.

First, we build water confidence by splashing about in puddles and pools, before eventually dipping our toes into the water. After that, we start wading in shallow pools, before learning new strokes to swim. Finally, we’re ready to take the plunge and dive underwater! Inspired by this ‘Swimming’ analogy, ‘Our Phonics & Reading Programme’ spans 7 levels as outlined below:

Splashers 1: 2.5 years old to 3 years old
Splashers 2: 3 to 3.5 years old
Splashers 3: 3.5 years old to 4 years old
Phonics Journey
Splashers 1 Completed 10%
Phonics Journey
Splashers 2 Completed 20%
Phonics Journey
Splashers 3 Completed 30%

We have 3 levels of parent-accompanied classes: Splashers 1, Splashers 2 and Splashers 3. Our Splashers classes are highly sought-after as parents spend quality time learning together with their children in a language-rich setting. The growing tots will be introduced to a magical world of words and stories, fun action jingles, sensorial activities, fine-motor exercises, pre-writing practice and exciting themed crafts. Each class also encompasses a main ‘drama’ segment, with a variety of hands-on guided activities to stimulate each child and spark a lifelong interest in words and books! Basic phonological awareness, sound discrimination and correct letter formation are the underlying objectives at these levels – all without compromising on the FUN aspect of learning.

Phonics Reading & Writing Programme

Drop off Classes

At this stage, your child is already starting to dip their toes in the water!

Level 2: DIPPERS (Drop-off level, in-class assessments): 4yo – 5yo

The Dippers level is our foundation drop-off class, where we further cement 3 key areas of alphabet competency – letter recognition, phonemic awareness and letter formation. This is a crucial level because understanding the relationship between all 26 letters in the alphabet and their corresponding sounds will provide the scaffold for accuracy and confidence when it comes to blending. Apart from an exciting ‘Magic Box’ segment in class where new surprises await each week, students are exposed to flashcards, action jingles and themed crafts to enhance and reinforce each lesson.

Level 3: WADERS (Drop-off level, in-class assessments): 5yo – 5.5yo

The Waders level is where we introduce students to the concept of blending 3-letter words, starting with short vowel word families. Emergent readers are equipped with our catchy and effective “drag-and-stop” method of putting letter sounds together. This is also the level where we introduce High Frequency Words to students, along with simple in-house ‘Read Aloud’ passages for home reading practice. Our Waders students will receive weekly word-slider craftwork too – for active revision on the go! Once they master this level, they’re ready to tackle digraphs!

Level 4: SWIMMERS (Drop-off level, in-class assessments): 5.5yo – 6yo

As our students develop their vocabulary, their reading skills and confidence increase. Watch as they progress from reading and writing 2-3 letter words, to attempting phrases and sentences! The Swimmers level introduces front and ending consonant digraphs and blends, along with longer High Frequency Words. In this journey towards being advanced readers, students are also introduced to basic grammatical concepts, sentence synthesis and guided comprehension. This sets the stage for them to experience the diversity of the English Language and apply what they have learnt.

Level 5: DIVERS (Drop-off level, in-class assessments): 6yo – 7yo

The Divers level introduces students to long vowel sounds, r-controlled vowels, trigraphs, diphthongs, silent letters and more complicated Phonics rules and patterns. At this level, our students are exposed to the semantics and syntax of English (i.e. grammar, sentence construction, reading & comprehension) very broadly to build exposure and familiarity with the language as they transform into eloquent readers and writers. This is the last level of our Phonics & Reading Programme, so be prepared for a memorable ‘graduation’ segment incorporated into our last lesson as we gear up for more literacy adventures beyond reading!



Our ENGLISH LANGUAGE BOOSTER PROGRAMME is a crucial springboard especially for K2 students who are advanced readers to get them ready for Primary 1 English. To continue fostering language skills and emergent literacy in children, our Booster Programme is a consolidation of advanced Phonics strategies for reading practice, exposure to a variety of sight words and themed vocabulary, comprehension techniques, simple parts of speech and pre-creative writing skills. We will also introduce choral reading and role-play elements to develop Oral Communication skills, which is instrumental in the Primary 1 and 2 curriculum. Journal-writing will also be incorporated into the curriculum to encourage students to train their authentic voices and present them with a chance to write freely and creatively. This will allow our teachers to understand your child’s thought processes better. Through collaborative class activities, your child will also pick up socio-emotional skills and learn to communicate confidently in a team.



Our one-of-a-kind ENGLISH LANGUAGE TAKE-OFF PROGRAMME is fashioned around the latest MOE Primary English Language syllabus. Acquiring a solid language foundation is crucial in propelling your child towards literacy acquisition and building their confidence in retaining language concepts. Here at Ezy Pzy Academy, we have specially crafted a brand new methodology to scaffold strong language acquisition through an amalgamation of approaches from ‘Multiple Intelligences’, ‘Thematic Learning’ and ‘Accelerated Learning’.

From engaging class segments like ‘Symposiums & Debates’ to ‘Forum Theatre and Stage Presentations’, our holistic and immersive English Programme takes your child on a journey of self-discovery and celebration of their uniqueness as they soar to achieve linguistic excellence.

Symposiums & Debates

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Forum Theatre

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Stage Presentations

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Kinesthetic Learning

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