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Foster a genuine love for words and experience the vibrant nature of the English Language through our effective and unique pedagogy that has stood the test of time.

Learning how to read is both a process and a journey; one that can be playfully compared to another important life skill – learning how to swim.

First, we build water confidence by splashing about in puddles and pools, before eventually dipping our toes into the water. After that, we start wading in shallow pools, before learning new strokes to swim. Finally, we’re ready to take the plunge and dive underwater! Inspired by this ‘Swimming’ analogy, ‘Our Phonics & Reading Programme’ spans 7 levels as outlined below:

What our Happy Parents Say
We moved to Singapore about a year ago, and after we joined Ezy Pzy she had a huge improvement in her written and spoken English!
Nishant Divekar
Gargi's Father

Learn Phonics with your child!

Our Splashers classes (for 2.5 - 4 years old) are highly sought-after as parents spend quality time learning together with their children in a language-rich setting.
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Trusted by Thousand of Parents

“Because of you and your hard work, my child is definitely more confident in his reading and made a big progress in school! During PTM, his teachers highlighted his ability to read more fluently. We will surely miss you and your infectious cheerfulness!”

Emma Hart

“I am so happy and can’t wait to share with you! Zara suddenly can tell me the starting letters for many words when she used the first letter sound! Like pencils, clothes, cover, pillow, panties, leg, pants, hair, bread. She can tell me the letters which the above words starts with.

Thank you so much for your hard work.”

Eddie Johnson

“Thanks once again for your endless support, advise, and patience in teaching my two children which I have seen changes in their reading and grow to a confident person and happy during 2 years with Ezy Pzy. Thumbs up!

Looking forward to a fruitful and exciting year in 2018 for Ezy Pzy!”

Jonathan Doe

“Alhamdulillah to be honest, Mu’adz learnt to read from scratch from your programme! He can now read but still prefer to be read to. Thank you for guiding him and giving me tremendous feedback, tips, and encouragement as we help Mu’adz learn to read. ”

Mike Edward